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About Dark River Press


About Dark River Press

Dark River Press began in 1990. The name was inspired by the Society for Creative Anachronism along the upper Mississippi River, which calls itself The Shire of the Dark River. Our first publication was The Cookie Anthology, a collection by writers in the Quad Cities. When that sold out, plans were made to broaden the scope of the company. Over the years, we have published works by Lucile Eye, Norm Ross, Rosemary Sage, Gladys Clark Minteer, and Diane Frank. Frank and Minteer's works both went into second printings.

In 2000, the company decided to relocate to the West Coast. The president and vice-president became sensitive to the issues of the lumber business in the Northwest. Here, great swaths of forested mountain land is laid bare so that America may produce paper, books, fabric and homes. The owners, who had previously been committed to printing chapbooks and novels on paper, decided to go to the web like wordpress, etc to continue their publishing and even getting larger using the best VPS web hosting services. While there is special pleasure in holding a book in one's hands, we firmly believe that the place a reader holds a story is the heart. Thus, we bring you Coffee Break Escapes.

Please use one of the following methods to contact Dark River Press:

Phone: 503-848-5949

Email: info@darkriverpress.com

Dark River Press, Inc.
6240 SW Cross Creek Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97007