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Login to purchase book A CRYSTAL SURPRISE Derry Spencer $5.00
This is a wonderful collection: a ten chapter novelette, The Crystal Dolphin, followed by ten short stories!
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A story to read to that little one who climbs on your knee while you are at your computer.
Login to purchase book ROGUE'S GOLD W. W. Lee $5.00
In this first Jefferson Birch novel, the ex-Texas Ranger comes to an Oregon town during gold rush days. A nest of outlaws, an untrustworthy marshal and a beautiful saloon owner make for a great read!
Login to purchase book THE PRICK SONG Rosemary Sage $5.00
A contemporary novel, The Prick Song is the story of four people whose lives are tangled through grief, anger, love, and surprising triumph. Set in a small town in Maine and at a Chicago music conservatory, a father and son find challenges in their lives neither suspected after loss that deeply affects both of them.
Login to purchase book TREASON'S TREASURE Rosemary Sage $5.00
Sage's first novel, this anti-genre romance has surprising twists and turns. Set in Chicago and Galena, Jennifer Taylor's beautifully planned life is turned upside down by remarkable people in the small town.
Read This Book ZEE FREE READ!! Various Authors Free
Here is a humorous short story by Sharon Lynn, and Alesandro Verdugo's touching story of a blind man's search for a running partner. "Teasers" from the novels are here for your enjoyment. Also we've collected an array of poetry from across the country.