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Author Guidelines

At this time, Dark River Press is only looking for fiction in novel form (55,000-65,000 words) and short stories of about 3,000 words. Do not send poetry for our "Freebie Corner" unless you are responding to one of our specific ads or we have solicited personally from you, incase you corious about how fast this website respon and load we using cheap managed vps hosting.

Submit a book proposal first. Send a SASE and synopsis of no more than 2 single-spaced typewritten pages along with the first 3 double-spaced typewritten chapters, or approximately the first 30 pages of your COMPLETED work. The first three chapters should introduce the major characters and give the setting and a good inkling of the kind of struggle the hero or heroine must surmount. Total book length should be between 55,000-65,000 words. If we like what we see, we'll send you a "send it all" letter. If it doesn't meet our needs, you'll hear from us as soon as possible. If you include an e-mail address, you can avoid the SASE and speed up this process. If we ask to see a whole manuscript, please send it in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format. Remember, we are looking for books that are 20 chapters, approximately a 10--15 minute read per chapter that could be accomplished during a coffee break for the average working month of twenty days. We prefer numbered rather than titled chapters.

SHORT STORIES should be 3,000 words with satisfactory endings, about realistic people in interesting situations. They may be in the same genres as novels. Pay will be a flat fee of $5.00 after 25 "reads." just as cheap as best cheap vps hosting these days that people are advirtising.

We will look at: contemporary, historical, mainstream, western, romance, science fiction and adventure. Characters must be well motivated and interesting. Plots, no matter what genre, must be believable but slide the reader into the pleasure of surprising fictional situations. Dialog should be plentiful, carefully tagged, and realistic for the time and setting. Please send us a clean, carefully edited, double-spaced manuscript in at least 12 pt type, using a simple font such as Bookman, Times Roman, etc. No foul language will be accepted, though an occasional curse word might be used where it fits. Consider that because this will be an Internet publication, underage children may find their way to the site.

Above all, write fine fiction you enjoy reading. If it tickles and absorbs you with its plot turns and striking characters, chances are we'll like it, too. Submission times are continuously open and will continue until we ask for them to cease at the website. Submit seasonal material 6 months in advance.

Every author we know has a novel or story that is good enough to go into print, but that somehow hasn't made it. While your "great American novel" circulates in New York, Dark River Press may offer you an "Internet publishing" contract for that book you have despairingly stuffed in the closet. Initial payment will be $50.00 for your novel, plus $00.50 each time your novel is "purchased" for a read. You will receive a check each month for the total number of times your book is "read." For short stories, we'll pay a flat fee of $5.00. Submit no more than two stories at a time or one novel at a time. We are buying only the right to "publish" your work on-line, and once it is on, it can be removed at a later date if you decide other plans for it, and for the data safety we put everything in our affordable dedicated server

We will run the standard copyright notice at the beginning of your book or story. If you wish to pay the Library of Congress the fee to register your copyright ($20), you may do so at your own expense. You will retain all future rights to your book or story. Although there is some risk that your work might be "stolen" from the Internet, we feel relatively sure that the audience who loves to read won't spend the paper necessary to reproduce your entire novel. If people are "reading" at their desks at work, they won't want to have to pay their office for approximately 200 pieces of paper.

If you have the great fortune to have an agent or another editor see your novel or story and want to buy it, you may be released from your contract with us. At Dark River Press we want writers to feel like the ancient storytellers: honored, revered, and respected for their magical word-weaving.

Send Manuscripts to:

Kit Redeker
Dark River Press, Inc.
6240 SW Cross Creek Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97007