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Dark River Press Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to let our costumers and visitors know how we collect personal and statistical information and what we do with it.


Customer Information
Most personal information that we gather is optional. Some of the information we gather is required so we can fill orders (names, addresses, etc) or to maintain accounts on our dedicated server hosting system and some so we can better serve you.


The email addresses we store are tied to each individual account so we can send receipt emails, lost password information, and other information that customers might need. When creating an account an email address is not required though it makes contact with us much easier. We will not share or sell our customers email addresses.


We believe in the privacy of our customers. We will not sell, trade, or share information with anyone outside of our company. All personal information we transmit and recieve via the Internet is encrypted.


We collect non-identifying statistics in a number of different ways. We keep track of what products were sold and when, the number of visitors that visit our unlimited bandwidth hosting site, and what the visitor did and viewed during their visit. However we do not tie any personal information to these statistics.


We use cookies to allow us to identify you when you go from one page to another on our site. While you are on our site the only information we store on your computer is a session ID to allow our computers to identify your system when you click between our pages. Long term we store your user ID so that when you return back to our site so we can identify your account.